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Kennis L. McDaniel

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Perfecting his craft since 1980, photographer Kennis McDaniel exemplifies the expression:"What comes from the heart - reaches the heart"

His passion for photographing weddings and special events has earned him national acclaim and a reputation for consistently achieving excellence at the Wedding Portrait Photographers International (WPPI).

In the world of digital photography, he enthusiastically meets the challenge to get the elements (lighting, atmosphere, mood, personalities, etc.) to flow together to capture unforgettable natural images that express the essence of the moment.

Using his keen eye, natural instinct and powerful imagination, he artistically preserves the details and precious moments of life in a series of images.

He works in harmony with the elements to create a unique balance and blend that produces more than just photographs of his subjects, but immortalizes the story that the mixture of elements beg to tell.

Bending it all together - he visualizes the elements as captivating images and creates a story.

Motto: "What comes from the heart - reaches the heart"

Purposes: "Blending photographic elements to produce stunning and captivating images".

Mission: "Artistically preserving life's precious moments - one image at a time".